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Your Trusted Twin Cities Drainage Authority

At Diversified Drainage, we've been providing effective drainage solutions for residential and commercial customers in the state of Minnesota, for over 20 years. Diversified Drainage specializes in engineering custom drainage solutions for ground water and surface water problems that can't be resolved with traditional landscaping methods. Our customers trust us to solve their water problems permanently, giving them peace of mind.

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/Our Story

The story of how Diversified Drainage was founded

Diversified Drainage, founded by Mitch Kotila, specializes in water management solutions. Mitch's expertise in farm land drainage and septic systems led him to start addressing drainage issues professionally. Today, Diversified Drainage is known for its innovative and high-quality solutions, solving complex problems with excellence.

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/Our Mission

We focus on helping our clients solve challenging drainage problems

Diversified Drainage is dedicated to providing top-notch drainage solutions that address even the most intricate issues. Our expertise lies in managing storm water drainage, surface water, and excessive groundwater, areas that are often overlooked by landscapers and contractors. We are driven by a strong work ethic, which we believe is the cornerstone of our team's and our customers' success. Our focus is on helping our clients optimize their properties and homes for maximum utilization. We are committed to exceeding their expectations by delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions that enhance their overall quality of life.

/Our Values

The values that drive our work

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We understand that our customers rely on our expertise to solve complex drainage issues, and we take that responsibility seriously.

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With decades of drainage experience we've know what works and more importantly, what doesn't.

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Working together to efficiently deliver quality solutions, comes easy to a family run business.

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Looking at a drainage problems, through the lens of our experience, allows us to innovate.

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Leadership at Diversified Drainage is characterized by excellence, integrity, and teamwork.

/Our Team

The amazing team at Diversified Drainage

Mitch Kotila, the founder of Diversified Drainage and resident drainage expert

Mitch Kotila

CEO & Founder

Mitch is the company's founder, and comes from a farming background in Minnesota. He has been solving water problems most of his life, and started Diversified Drainage to help others with their drainage problems.

Jack Kotila, Mitch's brother and Production Manager at Diversified Drainage

Jack Kotila

Production Manager

Jack grew up on the same farm as Mitch, helping solve water drainage problems. Jack also has a number of years of construction experience which comes in handy on Diversified Drainage projects.

Doug Wuollet, sales manager at Diversified Drainage

Doug Wuollet

Sales Manager

Doug is a seasoned sales professional who joined Diversified Drainage in 2020 as a member of the sales team. With a wealth of experience in the field, he quickly integrated into the company and began making significant contributions to the growth of the business.