Frost Heaving

Frost Heaving

Frost heave damage typically occurs during spring and fall due to more severely fluctuating temperatures. And with Minnesota's brutally cold winters and unpredictable weather patterns, our ground is more susceptible to heaving. If you experience any of these problems, don't wait and let the damage get worse - protect your property with a professional frost heave solution from Diversified Drainage.

Specialized Drainage Solutions for Frost Heaves

Ground water doesn't have to reach the surface to become a problem. When freezing temperatures penetrate the soil and convert the moisture to ice, they create masses known as "ice lenses." Additional subsurface water then travels toward the frozen area. The accumulating ice and growing lenses force the surrounding soil and rock upward, creating frost heaves.

As the shifting soil impacts the ground itself as well as anything in it or on the surface, frost heaves can cause a variety of problems:

  • Cracked/broken pavement: driveways, sidewalks, walkways, & concrete aprons/slabs
  • Slanted/sloping sidewalks & aprons/slabs around home's perimeter
  • Structural damage to home due to upward footing movement
  • Bowed & cracked foundation walls, potentially leading to wet basements
  • Humped, uneven basement floors
  • Uneven footing of decks, patios, & stoops
  • Cracked, humped, or uneven garage floors
  • Uprooted plants & small shrubs
  • Bumps/mounds in lawn

At Diversified Drainage, we understand that properly fixing underground water problems requires treating them at the source. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to accurately identify and correct the issue rather than provide a temporary fix.

Types of Frost Heaving Solutions

Subsurface Drainage System

Subsurface drainage systems collect excess ground water and channel it away before it can freeze and create problematic frost heaves. Additionally, our specialists carefully install the drain pipe with appropriate slope toward the outlet to ensure proper drainage and protection against ground water problems during any season.

A Subsurface Drainage System helps fix and prevent:

  • Soggy lawns
  • Wet basement
  • High water table
  • Pooling water in yard
  • Frost heaving
  • Leaking/eroding foundation

Soil Correction

Frost heaves require three elements to form: water, frost-susceptible soil, and freezing temperature. If we determine that the soil prevents proper drainage, we will replace it with a granular, compactable type that allows water to flow through more easily.

Soil Correction helps fix and prevent:

  • Frost heaving
  • Storm water runoff not draining
  • Pooling water in yard
  • Wet basements
  • Unstable lawn/soil
  • Wet, soggy lawns

Landscape Regrading

Often done in conjunction with other drainage solutions, landscape regrading creates a uniform slope that helps direct the flow of surface water to a safe location away from your foundation. Attractive features, such as swales and berms, that add aesthetic appeal along with improved drainage can also be incorporated.

Landscape Regrading helps fix and prevent:

  • Frost Heaving
  • Wet basements
  • Pooling water in yard
  • Standing storm water
  • Erosion/settling in lawn
  • Unstable lawn/soil

Services reviews

At Diversified Drainage, we take great pride in providing exceptional drainage solutions to our valued customers. Here, you'll find a collection of reviews from our satisfied clients, showcasing their experiences and opinions about our services. We believe in transparency and want to share these testimonials to give you a glimpse into the quality and reliability of our work.

Debra C.
Debra C.
Wayzata, MN

Company responded quickly with quote. Work completed in a timely fashion. They regraded hill in back of house to allow for proper drainage away from house. Sod replaced. Initial sod had some brown areas which they came back and replaced.

Andy H.
Andy H.
Minneapolis, MN

I originally got a quote last fall about putting drainage in. Explained my situation and Mitch stated this is what needed to be done to resolve my issues. I wanted until this Spring to do it as all the rain we have had my issues were becoming more bothersome. Mitch was great I called him back and asked if the quote was still valid he said yes it was and got me on the schedule. It took a little bit for their response back but mainly because they were extremely busy due to all the rain. I was very satisfied with the installation of the drain tile. Aaron came on site very professional. Told me what he was going to do it and how it would help. He was outstanding to work with and the quality of the job was awesome. They cleaned up very well and my SOD is growing back into place. After it was installed we have had significant rain fall. I checked the spots where the drain tile was put in. It was a little wet at first but by the next day it was completely dry. Usually it would take a week if not longer for this to dry up! I was very pleased overall with the experience.

Chad R.
Chad R.
Orono, MN

OUTSTANDING quality and work ethic!!! Truly EXCEPTIONAL!!! My wife and I were blown away by the QUALITY and WORK ETHIC of this crew. The project took a few weeks to complete. The crew showed up PROMPTLY every morning around 8 AM and did not leave before 5 PM despite a 90+ minute commute each way. When they arrived, they immediately went straight to work only took one short break for lunch each day. They even showed up and worked in the rain. And they were always polite and friendly. Our project was especially complicated because it involved removing and reinstalling pre-existing (expensive) landscaping, which included a large, 800+ square foot freeform paver patio. We marveled at how they managed to put the paver patio back together BETTER THAN THEY FOUND IT. The entire job was executed with care and precision. We are VERY HAPPY with the finished product and the REMARKABLE SERVICE we received. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Diversified Drainage.