Surface/Storm Water

Surface/Storm Water

We can’t control the amount of precipitation Mother Nature sends our way. However, the experts at Diversified Drainage can help protect your property from flooding, damage, and other disasters with a customized storm water solution. And that starts with treating the issue at its source. Our drainage specialists use invaluable experience and expertise to pinpoint the problem and provide a complete correction.

Custom Surface/Storm Water Drainage Solutions

Rain and snow melt aren’t strangers to us here in Minnesota. Without proper drainage, you may experience surface/storm water problems such as standing/pooling water in your yard, a wet basement, or a downspout flooding your lawn. Diversified Drainage provides effective drainage systems, custom-designed to solve your specific water issue with minimal impact on your property, landscape, and wallet.

When it comes to correcting a surface water problem, our experts consider several factors to ensure a long-lasting and effective solution:

  • Specific source of the issue
  • Location & size of problem area
  • Volume of water to be drained
  • Natural impact/flow of rain & snow melt
  • Effect of current downspout/sump pump discharge
  • Suitable locations to divert/discharge excess water
  • Applicable codes, regulations, & restrictions
  • Landscape grade & existing structures
  • Proximity to neighbors
  • Overall size of property relative to problem area
  • Types & locations of utilities
  • What’s most cost-effective

At Diversified Drainage, we understand that properly fixing underground water problems requires treating them at the source. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to accurately identify and correct the issue rather than provide a temporary fix.

Types of Surface/Storm Drainage Solutions

Landscape Regrading

Often done in conjunction with other drainage solutions, landscape regrading creates a uniform slope that helps direct the flow of surface water to a safe location away from your foundation. Attractive features, such as swales and berms, that add aesthetic appeal along with improved drainage can also be incorporated.

Landscape Regrading helps fix and prevent:

  • Pooling water in yard
  • Wet basements
  • Erosion/settling in lawn
  • Standing storm water
  • Frost heaving
  • Unstable lawn/soil

Catch Basins

Catch basins, also called storm drains or curb inlets, remove storm and surface water runoff before it can saturate the ground and causes serious issues. They work well in tight areas and preserve the existing landscape features, making them a perfect addition to a custom drainage system or on their own.

Catch Basins help fix and prevent:

  • Storm water runoff not draining
  • Frost heaving
  • Pooling water in yard
  • Wet basements
  • Poor drainage in tight spaces
  • Standing rain, snow melt

Downspout Drainage Extensions

Downspout drainage extensions capture water from downspout and sump pump discharge outlets and safely divert it away from your home and foundation. They feature underground piping that connects to the municipal storm water system or nearby natural wetland.

Downspout Extensions help fix and prevent:

  • Wet basements
  • Lawn, flower bed erosion
  • Frost heaving
  • Icy sidewalk, driveway
  • Foundation leaks, erosion
  • Pooling water from downspout

Services reviews

At Diversified Drainage, we take great pride in providing exceptional drainage solutions to our valued customers. Here, you'll find a collection of reviews from our satisfied clients, showcasing their experiences and opinions about our services. We believe in transparency and want to share these testimonials to give you a glimpse into the quality and reliability of our work.

Sarah Stewart D.
Sarah Stewart D.
Eden Prairie, MN

I have worked with many contractors and completed six figure remodels on homes in the past. Working with diversified drainage was a wonderful experience. Mitch and Doug are extremely competent, priced fairly and know how to handle storm and water drainage at residential and commerical properties. We now have state of the art drainage at our property and are very happy with the results. Their solutions are quality, work and they also stand behind their customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend working with them.

Margaret P.
Margaret P.
Minneapolis, MN

In April, Diversified Drainage helped correct the grading around the house we were about to sell. They were not the cheapest bid we got (although they weren't THAT much more than the other bids we got), but they were definitely the most responsive of all the companies we contacted, the most professional, and they did a tremendous job. We were so pleased that when we moved to our new house in a different area of town, we hired them again in July to regrade much of the back yard, and install a drain and drain pipe, thanks to lots of flooding in our basement. (So much for accurate disclosure statements from the previous owners...) Again, they were not the cheapest bid, but they had the best plan of any contractor we contacted, and did tremendous work. They also were able to do the work sooner than anyone else, and came a week before they had originally said they could, which we REALLY appreciated!! Everyone else had a wait time of about 2 months, and we only had to wait 2 weeks! The best part: With all the rain this spring, sod was hard to come by since apparently sod farms in the area were flooded. Diversified Drainage was the only company to suggest removing our sod, doing the regrading and drainage system installation, then laying back down our old sod. Everyone else said we'd have to re-seed the entire area since sod wasn't available, which we weren't keen on since we have 3 kids and 2 dogs who would have a hard time staying out of that area. The end result looks even better than it did before - the slope is away from the house, there isn't standing water in our lawn any more, so the grass is actually doing much better now. Later in July, my in-laws were having some water in their basement so I recommended Diversified Drainage to my in-laws. They came out to their house, looked at the situation, and told my in-laws that they didn't need regrading or drainage installation, they needed new gutters! There was no charge for the visit, and my in-laws were impressed that they actually turned down the work because it wasn't necessary. They were able to fix their problem by calling a gutter company instead. We were already impressed by Diversified Drainage's work, now we were impressed by their integrity as well. They are an outstanding company and I would recommend them very highly to anyone who had drainage issues on their property. They've earned a glowing review from us, 3 times over!

Matt J.
Matt J.
Bloomington, MN

Since moving into my home in 2009 I have had a drainage problem along the side of my home that involved two problems. Problem #1 was that my sump pump pipe would drain into the lawn and create problems with standing water. No matter how long of a sump pump hose I bought, I was constantly moving its position in the lawn in order to vary where the water would drain into my yard. Problem #2 was that I had a couple of low lying areas near my home that collected water during heavy rains and also during spring time snow melt. This water would then flow into my home and the sump pump would need to work overtime in order to drain it all away from the home. I searched for drainage contractors here on Angie's List and found Diversified Drainage. I contacted Mitch and he came to the house and assessed my situation. Mitch suggested digging a trench and laying a pipe underground that would run all the way from my sump pump outlet to a drain near the back of my property. Secondly, he suggested re-landscaping a portion of my yard to eliminate the low lying areas and creating a slope that would drain water away from my home. I agreed to the work and in early May 2014 the project was completed. All of the work was done in one day. In fact, they did it all while I was at work and buy the time I came home, it was a completed project. The only reason Diversified Drainage needed to return was to lay sod for the re-landscaping (sod was not yet available the day the project was done). It has been several weeks since the project was completed and I would have to call it a success. We have had several rain storms since the project was complete and my yard looks better and is drier because I do not have a sump pump hose laying in the yard. Also, the sump pump is running less often because the new landscaping is carrying water away from the house instead of pooling in the low lying areas.